The Brain behind your factory operations

Brainr is an intuitive Next-generation cloud MES (Manufacturing Execution System) that enables smarter processes and integrated production operations in real-time.

Leading food companies using Brainr


Everything to manage your Factory real time.

With Brainr, you’ll be able to have a complete overview of everything that is happening in your factory in real time. From inbound, to production, warehouse management to dispatch. Brainr covers every operation in your factory.


Get all the features in one place. Be amazed!

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Property Management

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Marketing Automation

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API Reference

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Team Accounts

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Works everywhere you need it

Brainr is built from the ground up with mobile in mind. From the operator to the manager, everyone in the factory gets a tailored experience.

Best in class user experience

Brainr's back office application is designed to provide an exceptional user experience on desktop computers. With its intuitive design, you can manage every aspect of your operations with ease. From real-time monitoring and data analysis, to inventory management and compliance reporting, the Brainr back office has everything you need to streamline your operations and achieve your goals. Experience the power and convenience of Brainr's back office app today.

Full control and visibility

Easy to use and learn

Comprehensive functionality

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Tablet compatibility

Brainr has it's own native app for tablets enabling line managers real-time control and visibility over all activities with the best & easy to use experience.

Mobile friendly

Android apps for mobile picking devices to guarantee the best user experience for shop-floor operators.


Integrates with all your systems

Brainr is built with integration at its core. We have a robust integration technology and standard integrations with major providers to speed up implementation time and costs, while giving you full control and visibility of all operations.


Connect easily and natively to all major ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, and Infor, and to other supply chain management systems using our easy to use APIs.

Machine & IoT connectivity

Brainr connects to factory production lines and machines to bring real-time information directly to everyone who needs it.


How you can benefit from BRAINR?

Discover the comprehensive suite of tools within Brainr to optimize your factory operations.

Inbound logistics

Automatically integrate purchase orders from the ERP and receive goods with our best in class mobile app following easy to use and intuitive step-by-step processes, with customizes quality controls. From trucks and visits, to raw materials, packaging, and customer returns.

  • Live animal receiving & truck control

  • Receive Purchases from Suppliers and Partners

  • Receive Return Requests form Customers


Plan the ideal production schedule efficiently, send production orders to the factory and follow in real time productivity, yields, and output.

  • Automate production orders to streamline the manufacturing process

  • Track the amount of production made, activities, and raw materials consumed

  • Generate comprehensive reports on all production orders and operations


At Brainr, we understand the importance of effective and efficient order dispatch for any business. That's why we've built advanced ERP integration, and multi-site routing and scheduling features, as well as real-time order tracking, to streamline your dispatch processes and ensure customer satisfaction. Our world-class mobile app, designed for optimal user experience, not only enables operators to work more efficiently, but also gives directors the customization they need to configure the dispatch process to meet their unique requirements.

  • Dispatch Sales Orders to your Customers

  • Customizable dispatch rules per Customer

  • Track real-time order status and generate reports and analytics


Because action without plan is fatal we have at your disposal an intelligent Planning tool that calculates your production needs and manage your resources and materials efficiently. Plan ahead and forecast accurately, and easily update the plan to respond to changes quickly and keep your production running smoothly whilst maximizing productivity and reducing costs.

  • Plan ahead and forecast accurately

  • Calculate what needs to be produced and what needs to be bought

  • Send orders to the shopfloor and create Productions Orders Automatically

  • Track performance in real time and make adjustments as needed

Warehouse Management

Streamline your warehouse operations with Brainr's state-of-the-art warehouse management module. Experience real-time visibility into your inventory with accurate stock control and tracking of deposits and locations. Effortlessly manage transfers between warehouses and ensure maximum resource utilization by monitoring batch expiration dates. Improve efficiency and optimize your inventory management with Brainr.

  • Manage multiple sites, warehouses, and locations

  • Easily and intuitively move stocks to and from production

  • Customizable warehouse rules, and quality controls in every operation

  • Real-time inventory management and control

Quality Control

Ensure productivity and compliance with industry standards by registering and controlling Qualities Control across Brainr. With an intuitive user interface and powerful reporting, our Quality Controls provides the visibility and insights needed to ensure consistent quality and compliance across your manufacturing operations.

  • Customize which Quality Controls and when you want them

  • Embed quality controls in the flow of the operation with an intuitive user experience

  • Track inspection results, non-conformances, corrective actions and more

  • Generate customizable reports to highlight trends and areas of improvement


Easily track, trace, and monitor in real-time your product batches at every step of the production process, from inbound to outbound. Have a complete visibility related to the batch history at the distance of a click.

  • See the entire timeline of each batch in an easy way

  • Full upstream and downstream transparency in product lineage details

  • Analyze Mass Balances related to Product Batch

  • Standard reports to comply with local and international certifications (HACCP, IFS, ...)

With Brainr software, factories and employees will become smarter, faster, and more competitive.

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Easy to use
Real-time Visibility
Fast Implementation
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Question we get asked

For any further questions, please email us here.

How does Brainr handle regulatory compliance and food safety requirements?

Brainr software focuses on ensuring regulatory compliance and food safety in the food industry by providing real-time monitoring and tracking of all production processes, from raw materials to finished goods. The software includes built-in tools for reporting, managing and tracking food safety and compliance records, such as HACCP and FSMA, and it can also integrate with existing systems for food safety certifications, like SQF, BRC, and IFS. The software is regularly updated to align with the latest regulatory standards, ensuring that food production facilities remain compliant with industry regulations at all times.

How does Brainr improve production planning and scheduling?

Brainr helps improve production planning and scheduling by providing real-time visibility into production processes, resources, and capacities. It tracks actual production in real-time and compares them to planned production, identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies that can be addressed. The software also provides tools for dynamic scheduling, allowing production and line managers to quickly make adjustments to production plans based on changes in demand, resource availability, or other factors. With its planning and scheduling features, Brainr helps reduce production lead times, increase productivity, and improve delivery times to customers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and competitiveness in the market.

What is the pricing model for the MES software, and what does it include?

Brainr’s cloud software pricing model is based on a subscription basis, with different pricing options based on the specific needs and usage requirements of each customer. Our pricing includes access to all features and functionality of our cloud MES, as well as 24/7 customer support, software updates, and use of our secure cloud service. To obtain an accurate quote for your organisation, please get in touch with our sales team, who will be happy to provide a customised pricing proposal based on your specific requirements.

How is my company data protected and secure in the cloud?

Brainr uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) secure public cloud infrastructure to ensure the protection and security of your data. The cloud provider implements a range of security measures, including encryption of data both in transit and at rest, access controls, and compliance with industry security standards. Brainr is committed to maintaining the uptime and reliability of the cloud, ensuring that your data is always available when you need it.

Can Brainr integrate with existing ERP or supply chain management systems?

Brainr is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing ERP and supply chain management systems, streamlining the production process and reducing the need for manual data entry. The software can receive real-time data updates from an ERP system (such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, Infor, etc.), providing accurate, up-to-date information on inventory levels, production schedules, and order tracking. On the other hand, the software can also send real-time production data to supply chain management systems, allowing for better planning and coordination of deliveries, inventory management, and logistics. This integration helps eliminate data silos and ensures that all stakeholders have access to the information they need to make informed decisions, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

Can Brainr be accessed from mobile devices, and which mobile functionality is available?

Brainr offers two separate mobile apps to meet the different needs of production and line managers, as well as operators on the production line. The first app, designed for tablet devices, provides real-time visibility and control for production and line managers, allowing them to oversee production processes, view inventory levels, and manage compliance records from anywhere. The second app, designed for mobile picking devices, provides operators with the tools they need to perform their daily activities, such as picking and moving goods efficiently and accurately. With two user-friendly and secure mobile apps, the production process can be managed in real-time more effectively, leading to improved response times, reduced downtime, and increased overall production efficiency.

How can Brainr help me achieve my sustainability goals?

Brainr helps companies achieve sustainability goals through optimized resource utilization, waste reduction, and efficient supply chain management. The software provides real-time monitoring and tracking of production processes, resources, and capacities, allowing for informed decisions to be made. This results in improved production efficiency, reduced waste and environmental impact, and compliance with regulations such as measuring CO2 emissions and plastic use in packaging. The accurate tracking of inventory and reduced overproduction also contribute to reducing waste.The software also includes tools for managing compliance with food safety and environmental regulations, ensuring sustainable operations. With actionable insights and recommendations, Brainr drives continuous improvement and helps companies meet their sustainability targets while reducing costs and increasing production efficiency.

How can I become an implementation partner for Brainr?

Thank you for your interest in becoming an implementation partner for Brainr! We are currently launching our partner program and are seeking a select group of qualified partners with experience in the Food Industry, and specially in the Meat Industry to join us on this exciting journey.Don't miss this opportunity to be one of the first partners for our MES software and grow your business with us. Contact us today and let's get started!

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